Chlorella Growth Factor Benefits for Skin

If you have been searching for a natural beauty product that will help you to maintain a youthful appearance without the effort and give your skin a glow, you might be interested to know that it is accessible in food.

This miracle product is called Chlorella, and it improves the appearance of your skin as well as its elasticity. 


Topical products are useful, but when the right nutrients are consumed, it can enhance beauty in a way that no topical product can. You will start to notice Chlorella Growth Factor benefits for skin as soon as you begin using it.

Chlorella Growth Factor – What is it?

Chlorella Growth Factor is commonly known as CGF and is an extract that is found only in chlorella which is a single-celled green alga.

Chlorella single-cell green algae

Chlorella single-cell green algae

Since CGF is part of the makeup of chlorella, it can quadruple in size every 24 hours. Considering this unique ability of rapid growth, think for a moment about the benefits to your health once your body’s cells have absorbed it including repair and regeneration.

CGF contains a special mix of RNA and DNA which are nucleic acids and beta glucan. Beta glucan is a natural cosmetic nutrient that is becoming increasingly popular.

Looking for an Effective Anti-Aging Weapon?

Looking youthful goes beyond the skin because what is happening inside of your body is always reflected on the outside and is a clear indication of your total health and wellness.

Faces of Young and Old Women

Aging Skin

The way that you age when it comes to health, appearance, and energy is completely related to cell health. When you understand what your body needs at a cellular level, you will have the knowledge to control your good health and youthful appearance.

DNA and RNA are the materials that are needed by the cells to repair themselves and to regenerate. These acids contain cell reproduction and tissue repair instructions so without sufficient levels of them cells become confused, and this causes regeneration and repair issues later on.

DNA Structure

Long structure of the DNA

During the aging process, the body’s natural production of the nucleic acids RNA and DNA decreases. When less DNA and RNA are produced, aging signs become more noticeable including fine lines and wrinkles.

A drop in energy and the speed of wound healing, as well as the total function of the cells, also decreases. This is why nucleic acids are the key to beauty and anti-aging because they work from the inside out.

Green chlorella

Green chlorella

CGF contains the highest concentration of dietary nucleic acids that are bioavailable, meaning that those acids are able to be utilized and absorbed in an efficient way by your cells.

Whether you are concerned about anti-aging or not, DNA and RNA provide rejuvenation effects and preventative measures for your health.The rejuvenating effects that the nucleic acids provide while taking preventative measures for your health.

The Importance of Protein for Beauty

The essential macronutrient for shiny hair, soft skin free of blemishes and strong nails is protein. Chlorella Growth Factor contains enough DNA and RNA to assist the body in the production and use of proteins.

Protein for Beauty

Healthy skin

The elasticity of the skin is also directly related to collagen production which is something that protein also takes care of. If you do not have enough protein in your diet, you probably have brittle nails, saggy skin and are losing your hair.

Some other symptoms of a serious protein deficiency include rashes, a hormone imbalance, and sleep issues. 

You may also experience sugar cravings which, when consumed, can cause serious health issues and impede weight loss.

Fun Facts About Chlorella Growth Factor

  • Is a type of algae that can often be mixed up with spirulina although it has a hard cell wall that ensures is more plantlike than algae.
  • Can detoxify the body from mercury. If you have ever had lead dental fillings, used certain kinds of cookware, received a vaccine or consumed fish.
  • Has been proven to be useful to people who suffer from degenerative disease.

If you are thinking about taking Chlorella Growth Factor, you can obtain it in tablets or powder.

Superfood chlorella set in flat style chlorella powder, pills.

Superfood chlorella set in flat style chlorella powder, pills.

The powder is extremely convenient because it can be added to smoothies and consumed without too much effort. This superfood is healthy for you and your body. 

  • Have you tried it yet? 
  • If you have been taking CGF, how long have you been taking it for?
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