Consuming Fermented Food For Weight Loss – Effective?

There is a community of bacteria that resides inside our bodies, and this is called the microbiome.

These bacteria actually outnumber the cells in our body by 10 to 1, so that our bodies are made up largely of bacteria, and the microbiome contained in the gut controls a large part of the many key body functions, making them crucial to our health.

When your microbiome is balanced, it regulates your metabolism, your immune system, supports brain function and mood, maintains the gastrointestinal tract and produces vitamins and nutrients that are crucial to your health.


Maintenance of Microbiome

If you want to lose excess weight and generally feel better, then you will need to keep your gut microbiome balanced. Eating fermented foods is one of the most effective ways to achieve this.

Fermented foods

Fermented foods are a rich resource of live bacteria, and this helps to replenish the microbiome of the gut which maintains the correct proportion of good bacteria which ensures your best health and weight loss.

Fermented foods are considered a "superfood" because it assists the body with the absorption of nutrients and balances gut microbiome.

When the microbiome is unbalanced it can cause distress in the stomach so that it does not matter what you do; you are not going to be able to improve your health.

Consuming certain spices, foods and supplements can help in gut healing and balancing your microbiome.

Lacto Fermentation

Fermented foods

Fermented foods are emerging into mainstream cuisine, and they are becoming more known for how they can assist with health.

Fermented Foods are Natural Probiotics

You can help to replenish your microbiome with live bacteria contained in probiotics which can be consumed in capsules, pills or powders.

A natural probiotic is contained in fermented foods because of the amount of live bacteria they contain along with many other crucial nutrients.

Fermented Foods are Natural Probiotics


All world cultures have some form of fermented food, so this should be a good indication of how important they are to our overall health.

Some examples include:

  • Miso – from Japan : this is fermented soybean paste which is used in soups and sauces.
  • Kvass – from Russia : this fizzy fermented beer is made from rye or black bread;
  • Pla Ra – from Thailand : fermented fish paste
  • Kombucha – from China (Middle East) : fermented tea

Fermented foods are available in a wide range of forms including condiments, stews, pickles, pastes, seasonings, curries and sometimes candy.

These foods can be boiled, fried, eaten in a main dish, a salad, a side dish or even a dessert. Fermented drinks can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic including vinegar-based drinks, buttermilk, and tea.


Natto (Fermented Soy Beans)

The fact that fermented foods are so universally consumed is a strong indication that this type of foods is needed in our diet.

Unfortunately, the fast foods of our Western culture are starting to wipe out the traditional food culture, and this is a root cause of the worldwide obesity epidemic. The interest in fermented foods has increased recently with many people starting to understand their importance.

Here are some foods that are available and easy to incorporate into the Western diet:

Best Fermented Foods for Weight Loss

1. Sauerkraut

Fermented cabbage traditionally served in Eastern Europe, but has become more mainstream in Western culture as a topping on hotdogs most notably.



2. Kefir

Fermented milk drink that resembles liquid yogurt. This natural probiotic promotes the balance of microbes and offers immune system. Kefir has been used to treat cancer and tuberculosis, but today's products are often sold with flavor or fruit mixed in.

3. Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented tea and is a natural probiotic that is refreshing. This tea begins with much of the same processes as one would utilize to create wine, but the fermentation is much lighter, and no yeast is added.



Sugar is used in the fermentation, but this sugar is consumed by the scoby which helps to create the fizzy, fermented beverage.

4. Yogurt

A fermented milk product, yogurt provides plenty of benefits, but only if it is a plain and unflavored variety. It can be served with fresh fruit and offers many weight loss benefits.



Any changes in the bacteria in the colon can cause weight gain and certain types of bacteria contained in yogurt can help to improve inflammation and help with insulin sensitivity.

5. Kimchee

Korean fermented cabbage, kale, radishes, cucumbers, and beets. Fermented vegetables provide natural probiotics and can be natural prebiotics. This not only destroys the live bacteria but can also add a lot of extra sugar to the product which makes it unsuitable as a weight-loss food.

The best kefir is unflavored and made from goat's milk. Those who have a sensitivity to dairy can drink goat milk without suffering from inflammation.

These foods are important for the improvement of a variety of symptoms including brain fog, skin issues, depression, anxiety, hormonal issues, fatigue, digestive issues, immune disorders and to assist with weight loss.

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