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How to Lower Blood Sugar Quickly

When you are dealing with high blood sugar, you will want to know how to lower blood sugar quickly. It is important to know why your number is high before you look for a solution.

It could be that you ate a very heavy meal, did not take your medication (if you are diabetic and take medication), you are dealing with an illness or undue stress, or you are not getting enough exercise.

For those who are diabetic and have insulin on hand, this is the fastest way to lower blood glucose, but not everyone has access to insulin. Also, you have to know when you need to inject insulin and what the right dose is to make a correction.

Which Supplements are Effective to Lower Blood Sugar?

Sugar can have a profound effect on how we feel, particularly if we are prone to or have diabetes. Generally when sugar is consumed, one will experience a sensation of increased energy which is followed by a "crash" which leaves one feeling exhausted. These highs and lows are as a result of sugar and how it can change energy levels while the body works extra hard to keep blood sugar in balance.