How to Lower Blood Sugar Quickly

When you are dealing with high blood sugar, you will want to know how to lower blood sugar quickly. It is important to know why your number is high before you look for a solution.

It could be that you ate a very heavy meal, did not take your medication (if you are diabetic and take medication), you are dealing with an illness or undue stress, or you are not getting enough exercise.

For those who are diabetic and have insulin on hand, this is the fastest way to lower blood glucose, but not everyone has access to insulin. Also, you have to know when you need to inject insulin and what the right dose is to make a correction.


Best Ways to Lower Blood Sugar Quickly



If you do not use insulin or do not have it with you at the time you are dealing with very high blood sugar, then you can do some exercise.

Exercise is the best way to increase your body's sensitivity to insulin.


Exercise is the best way to increase your body's sensitivity to insulin

Exercise causes the cells in the muscles to consume more glucose, and this means that there will be a lot less glucose in your blood when it is time for you to test your glucose.

Getting enough exercise is a very important way to control blood sugar whether you have type 1 or 2 diabetes or are pre-diabetic.

Exercise is also important in preventing complications including kidney disease, retinopathy, heart disease, and neuropathy.



Regular physical activity should be a part of your lifestyle not just a way to lower the blood sugar when it is too high.


Drink Water

Drink Water

If your blood sugar is too high, drink 2 glasses of water

If your blood sugar is too high, drink 2 glasses of water, one right after the other. Wait five minutes and then drink another glass. Make sure you go to the bathroom as soon as you can after. Water will dilute your blood and flushes the sugar out of the bloodstream.


Take certain supplements

You may want to check with your doctor first, because some of these may interact with certain medications.

  • Cinnamon is a good option as is chromium. Sometimes you can purchase a supplement that contains both.
  • Bitter melon is a great choice and has been proven to lower blood sugar.
  • Gymnema Sylvestre is a really effective supplement that does not have any side effects.
  • Alpha lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant that can really be effective in lowering blood glucose.
  • Vitamin B complex helps the body to function and offers many great benefits.
Take certain supplements


Bragg apple cider vinegar helps to lower blood sugar after meals. Combine it with water and drink it quickly then rinse your mouth after drinking it. The acid can stick to the teeth and damage the enamel of the teeth.

Long Term Solutions are Better Than a Quick Fix

It is best to take preventative measures so that you do not experience high spikes in blood sugar which can cause irreparable damage to major arteries.



If you don’t like exercise that much, try finding an activity that you enjoy. It could be walking, swimming, paddling, surfing or any number of activities.

Following a sensible diet with reasonable portions is also important. Forget about the "old school" food guide, it is way out of date and not even applicable in today's world. 

Healthy Food

Grains really have no place in the diet they are easily converted to sugar.

Instead, try eating grass fed meat, organic vegetables and fruits and healthy fats such as avocado, olive oil, and coconut oil. Drink plenty of water and get enough sleep every night to rest your body and mind.

If your blood sugar is too high, you may not be able to lower it on your own. Symptoms of dangerously high blood sugar include : 

  • Vomiting, diarrhea, a fever lasting more than 24 hours, blood glucose over 240 mg/dL
  • visual issues, excessive drowsiness, breath with a fruity scent, abdominal pain, weakness or fatigue, frequent urination, impaired or foggy thinking or confusion.
If you feel unwell, it is time to see a doctor.

Never rely on your own "instincts" about your health. If you feel unwell, it is time to see a doctor.

If you experience any of these or a combination of them, it is time to see a doctor.

Your blood sugar can spike for some reasons including not following a good and healthy eating plan, illness, surgery, trauma or pregnancy.

You are the one person who can oversee your own health, in truth no one is responsible for you except for you.

Diabetes chart. Health care info graphic.

Diabetes chart. Symptoms of high blood sugar include frequent urination, increased thirst, and increased hunger.

If you are concerned about your blood sugar, get a blood glucose testing meter and check your blood sugar when you wake up, after a meal, after exercise and after other points in the day.

Chart your blood sugar to see when it is high, when it is low and what the patterns are. Once you develop a pattern, you can find the tools to lower your blood glucose with the right diet and exercise.

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